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There’s a terribly clichéd expression that I am afraid I am going to have to be part of.  The bucket list.  I don’t really buy into lots of it to be honest.  I have no desire to jump from a plane for instance or scale a mountain somewhere deep in the African wilderness.  I don’t want to wing walk and the channel can stay un-swum for all I care.  I’d be happier knee deep in water with a snorkel, a bottle of sunscreen stood next to a bottle of European beer to be quite frank.  But there is though a certain inevitability surrounding life and indeed, the more you get through it, the less you come to realise you have left.  This isn’t me being negative though, as I have said before, it’s just a catalyst to do something positive from my point of view.

Really speaking, I’ve done most things already in life that I enjoy or want to do.  I’ve lived, loved and made good friends on the way and now have two lovely (but time consuming!) kids.  Other things on my list are unrealistic, no matter how hard I try at this point in time, again I’m not being not defeatist, just realistic given my very young family and the constraints they put on me.  What was realistic though was writing a comic.  I have been playing with this for some time now, my creativity has always revolved around music and playing in bands which I have done for 20 years or so now and will probably continue to do, but I decided I wanted to break out of the simple “enjoying comics” mode which I have always done into the less passive and more active “writing comics” mode.  I had spent virtually all my early teenage years drawing comics but got distracted by the trappings of teenage life. Shame really as it was something I was getting better and better at before life took me down a different path.  I have in recent years been running a website called Comic Conventions with some friends, which has been a really interesting and growing project.  It’s not serious but I’ve got to meet some incredible writers and artists along the way which has only spurred me on even more.

I have no huge intention of making it big in comics, I have a tough day job and a big mortgage that means it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to invest the time or money needed to get a full comic production business off the ground. If I could get a series published by someone like Image  though, then I will be a most happy person indeed.

A man can dream, right?


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