Matma Tryout

Who is Matma?

Matma is a young boy called Matthew Marshall, a 5 year old boy who leads a secret life as a costumed hero.  He has a pet dog called Bobbin, a Dachshund who is his sidekick.  


Matthew is 5 years old, caucasian with mousy brown hair and blue eyes.  His hair is a straight cut fringe above his eyes.  He is wearing a striped blue and red long sleeved t-shirt with grey trousers and Converse style baseball shoes.

Matma has horns like Batman and a cape.  The mask covers the top half of his head showing only nose and mouth.  The costume is yellow with blue trunks over the costume.  The cape is blue and ¾ length.  He is also wearing blue wellies.

Bobbin is a wirehaired miniature Dachshund who wears a small facemask when Matma is in costume.

Story – Tryout pages

Page 2

Matthew is playing in his bedroom with his toys. He is sitting next to a toy chest with various toys strewn around him.  The chest is a very colourful, old fashioned chest, adorned with stars.  In his hand is a teddy bear who he is simulating flying with.


Page 6

Matma standing full and proud, fists on hips against a white background. (See description in introduction above).

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