ICE was pretty cool…

I really enjoyed the day out at ICE for the second year. It’s not an overwhelming convention for small press, but it is steady and the networking is excellent. Great to meet people like Jack Deveraux and Aidy and Warwick, whose book rEVENGER defies its small press origins and feels like something you’d happily pick up off a comic store shelf. Also good to touch base with some other small press stalwarts and start to get to know people a little better.

My first book, Matma, a book aimed at 0-4 year olds, debuted and sold well to discerning parents alongside the World 3 series that is proving the most popular of the floppy selection. I was also fortunate enough that the convention was local enough that I could invite my own superheroes, specifically Iron Man and Superman who were settling scores on the convention floor.

2015-09-05 09.54.51 2015-09-05 15.26.26 2015-09-05 15.26.07


It is genuinely good that we are starting to get a firm comic convention presence in the second city once more, roll on the Comics Festival in April and the return of ICE next year!


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