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Who are we?

We are generally myself (Neil) and a wide variety of people who help me put books and comics together. This is not a full time job or a corporation, it is a hobby and a passion, but at some point in the future, I would love for something to be published by one of the big companies. Image would be great but also some of the up-and-comers such as Black Mask would be pretty cool. Up until then, I will continue to put out books that hopefully people enjoy.

What do you do?

Mostly, I write stories. I also colour, letter, draw covers and put together the final books for print.  I also produced and manage this website (and also Comic Conventions, another little pet project of mine). Anything that helps to reduce the cost of publishing is something that I will attempt.

Do you do review copies?

Yes of course, please send me an email and I will be delighted to furnish you with a copy.

Can I draw/write for you?

Maybe. I do pay contributors but if you are expecting comparable rates with industry, please don’t ask as it can get awkward. I pay for all work through my main income (kids’ inheritance and all that) and as such, have to build books far more slowly than large publishers can.  Subsequently, I cannot afford the page rates for industry professionals that some people expect. If you’re a writer yourself, I am happy to look at a story you’ve produced but only short ones please.

Will you draw/write for me?

I’ll consider most things, yes. As the sole resident artist, I am realistic with my abilities. There is a reason I commission sequential artists (I’m not that good!) so if you want me to draw something, I guess covers are my limit. If you want me to write something, then please contact me.

Are you open to collaboration or Kickstarter crowd funded type campaign?

Yes, I am always open to new ideas and experiences. Please contact me to discuss it or come and talk to me at a convention. One of the beauties of the indie comic scene is that everyone is in it together.

Can I get some advice or critique?

Yes of course, at your own risk though!

Why are you doing this?

Being creative is an amazingly rewarding experience. The small press world is also friendly and supportive. Plus, comics. Why would you NOT do this?

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