Birmingham Comics Festival – A review

I have to admit to some bias before I put this review together. I am a brummie. Now that’s off my chest, let’s evaluate the day out at Edgbaston County Cricket ground for the Birmingham Comics Festival.

This is the second year it has been running and the second time I have exhibited there. The event was surrounded by other, smaller events and on the back of a ‘drink and draw’ event at the Birmingham Art Museum the night before, an excellent, slightly avant garde event where creative juices (and beer) flowed in a wonderfully unique environment. Back to the festival, I think in terms of engagement, only Leamington comes close, with plenty of convention virgins visiting the event and much conversation about how comics go together and how you start out in the comics industry. Spending the day with my good friend and co-creator, Jatinder Ghataora, was most enjoyable as was finally meeting the great Corey Braggs in person, another contributor to the Fly Comics brand (and a nice bloke too).

There was a lull at the start following the early entry, a massive swell in the middle and a petering out toward the end but none of the day dragged, with plenty to see and do as a punter as well as an exhibitor. Sales could have been better but were on a par with the last few conventions that I have done, perhaps a consequence of an ever increasing convention list but I guess that is for wider debate.

All in all, a good day for me and a great event for Birmingham to run alongside ICE in the promotion of comics. Please do count me in for next year.2016-04-23 09.10.42

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