Artist – Rory Donald

Rory Donald is a North Cornwall based freelance comic book artist & illustrator. Drawing under the umbrella of Reach Illustration Rory has enjoyed various successes with his artistic abilities;large billboards for Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary at Glastonbury to book illustrations for titles such as ‘Pigs Might Surf’ & ‘the X Tractor’ however Rory’s true love is with comics.

He is the first to admit at giggling like a kid at christmas when his style was recently likened to none other than that of Mike Mignola (& who wouldn’t?) who among others such as Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Frank Miller & J.Romita jr ( to name but a few) are big influences.

Rory has recently received his certificate of distinction from the London Art College for passing the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustration course & is currently working on numerous projects that include another exciting collaboration with Madius comics of which he wont discuss under fear of assassination as well as various other creator owned projects including an interesting take on the early years of Merlin & Arthur (well he does live in Tintagel!)

Feel free to have a nose at his site or you can find him on Facebook (reach illustration), Twitter (@imnotdaredevil4), Instagram (reach illustration ) & Tumblr (@imnotdaredevil4).

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