Artist – Ari Syahrazad


I met Ari a couple of years ago when he did some character designs for me for the Warr and Peace comic.  Ari  is a comic artist and illustrator, he has a major in Architecture and has a passion for music and photography.  He’s been working as an illustrator since 2006, starting off originally as a storyboard artist but finding he enjoyed storytelling in sequential comic form the most.  Ari has done some stunning work for the World 3 series and surely can’t be far off a deal with a major publisher.


You can find more of Ari’s work here:

Previous work includes:

“Camp Wicakini-4” RPG, Cover + Interior art. Silver Gryphon Games.

“One Nation – Old Druids”, Pencil + Ink. 133art Comic.

“Milecastle 42” RPG, Cover art. Silver Gryphon Games.

“Deadless” Anthology. Title: “Anointed”, Pencil+ink. Alterna Comics.

“Wellstone City Chronicles” (3 titles) RPG, Interior art. Silver Gryphon Games.

“GEP #2” Anthology. Title: “The Last Villain”, Pencil+ink. Gojo Entertainment.

“Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium” RPG Source book, Cover art. Pandora Peek Press.

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