Artist – Anthony Nicholaus Gregori

The artist behind both the pencils and inks on Warr and Peace is Missoula’s own, Anthony Gregori.


Tony responded to an advert (plea?) on deviantART on the search for an artist that could bring something realistic to the project yet put a non-generic slant on it.  As well as working with Fly Comics, Tony was part of the Scroobius Pip anthology thru Titan Books, “Poetry in (E) Motion” (found here: which was a compilation of poems illustrated as comic strips.


Other projects that Tony worked on were:

  • Storyboards in Los Angeles
  • A creator-owned book, “Renaissance”, published thru an indie in Miami, Fl.
  • Two releases due in the summer of this year:
    • “Throwback” through 215 Ink
    • A yet to be announced title through Viper Comics

Tony can be contacted on Twitter username @tonygregori or through his deviantART page here

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