Artist – Anna Maria Minerva

AnM Niniel Illustrator

Anna Maria Minerva (Niniel Illustrator) was born in Italy in 1987. Raised on 90’s classic animation movies, she spent her childhood drawing her favourite characters and insisting she’d grow up to be an illustrator.


She started her studies in Naples, first at Academy of Fine Arts, then at the Italian Comix School.  Many things have changed since then but not her love for art.

Ennara and the book of Shadows

She is now a digital illustrator who has been freelancing since 2013.  She has had many experiences since becoming freelance.  Collaborations like character design, concept and background artist, alongside private commissions and fan art.

Ennara and the Fallen druid

Amongst other projects, she produced the illustrations of two Fantasy covers book of the famous Angela Myron’s tales in 2014, Ennara and the Fallen druid and Ennara and the book of Shadows.

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